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Stages Consultants is a theatre and acoustics design consultancy founded on the principle that every project, from a high school auditorium to a major performing arts center, deserves the full attention, creative thinking and problem solving skills of seasoned, experienced experts. Stages Consultants accepts only a small number of projects at a time so that we can offer that kind of attention and deliver the highest quality theatre and acoustical design. Founders and industry veterans Alec Stoll and Damian Doria are experienced principals with established careers in the field. With nearly 40 years of combined consulting experience and another 30 in the performing arts industry, Alec and Damian have the knowledge, creativity, talent and pedigree to take on performing arts projects of any size and scope.

Our client-centered approach starts with the recognition that the client and the architect are equally engaged contributors to the design of these spaces. Our goal is to make our clients' dreams come true and to reinforce the architect's vision as they strive to meet those dreams. We believe in a collaborative approach that allows all ideas to come to the table. We contribute creative solutions, not an agenda.

We bring to every project the knowledge, creativity, design skills and leadership offered by only the most experienced members of our profession – with the individual client-oriented service that only a small firm can deliver.

- Damian Doria and Alec Stoll

Stages Consultants' most important function is to inform the architect, the engineers and the client. Only with a complete understanding of the many complicated issues that enter into the design of performance spaces can we work together to address them. We have the depth of knowledge and experience with the idiosyncrasies of this building type to make sure that your project succeeds in every way.

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Alec Stoll

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