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The Overtown Lyric Theatre

The Overtown Lyric Theatre has a rich history and an amazing place in Miami lore. It was built by Miami's first black millionaire and when it opened it was used primarily late at night. After visiting black musical greats had finished playing in Miami's premiere venues where white audiences paid, they would head to the Lyric and play another concert late into the night for far less money. Owned now by the Black Archives History and Research Foundation, the building is finding new life. It hosts jazz and hip hop concerts in addition to a lecture and film series. With $10 million in state money Alec has helped with the multiple phases of this project through several architects. Acoustics consulting services for this project were led by Damian. The final phase was the addition of a brand new fly tower along with a loading dock, repair shop and dressing rooms. The Lyric had its opening gala in 2014.

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