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Calgary Centre
  for the Performing Arts (Arts Commons)

The Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts hired Bing Thom Architects, with Alec (at FDA) and Damian (at Artec) to help them to think big about their future. Home to many of Calgary's most prestigious performing arts groups including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Alberta Theatre Project, Theatre Calgary and One Yellow Rabbit, the existing EPCOR center is challenged by a landlocked site, disconnected, remote public spaces and five theatres in need of updating or overhaul. The concept design study resulted in a vastly redefined building, with a large, multi-level lobby providing access to a total of nine venues including a new arena theatre, a new flexible thrust theatre and a new 1000-seat theatre for dance. Also conceived were renovations to the three primary spaces and the creation of two new studio theatres.

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